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30 March 2008 @ 08:24 pm
                                                                                                      End of Unit 2 Blog Assignment
            The tragic event of 911 has been a major controversy since day 1. The thought of the whole thing being a conspiracy had never really become a reality to me until about the past year or so. I’m not saying that I believe it is because I really do not know and probably never will, but listening to others opinions and observations has begun to broaden my perspective and push me to dig deeper for my own understanding on this terrible event. Many good friends of mine who have joined different branches in our military have come to know many things about our government that as being a citizen, we do not tend to know or even start to learn about. By reading many different peoples weblogs and their thoughts and perspectives helps to open up further not only to ourselves but other people and where they stand and why.
                                          I found a blog by a reporter named Christopher Bollyn on www.911truthseekers.org who wrote about a highly respected physicist at Brigham Young University who got banned from his classroom for openly speaking on his discoveries on the 911 WTC. What captured this physics teachers interest on the event was a report in the American Free Press August ’02 about molten iron found 70ft below the surface and in the rubble of all 3 collapsed WTC even WTC7. The professor Jones specializes in metal-catalyzed fusion, archaeometry and solar energy and joined the 911 research effort after discovering the report. Just from being a reader of this blog I believe Jones had a hard time understanding how a month after the towers had collapsed, the president of one of the construction companies told a reporter that he had seen pools of “literally molten steel” at the World Trade Center. Jones, after much studying and research found Thermite in all the collapsed buildings. Thermite is a mixture of chemicals that when ignited produces extremely high temperatures which is used in welding and in bombs. After conversing about this on the radio talk show caused Jones to be banned from his classroom after 21 years of teaching.
                                      Just from Bollyn’s blog on this teachers’ situation and his findings proves another very interesting, yet controversial topic throughout America today. As a reader of this article, it has allowed my thoughts and curiosity to grow and my knowledge to expand not only on the horrific incident of 911 but learning about more chemicals used in stuff that I work with in my current occupation. I do contracting with my dad and we tend to do a lot of welding and I did not know the name of the chemical that is being ignited when I am melting two pieces of metal together. Therefore my knowledge not only grows in the things I deal with in my everyday life but in major/controversial events now in our nation’s history.
                                 I personally do not know where the writer of this blog’s stands in terms of the tragic 911 event, but he has given the opportunity for other’s to gain a little piece knowledge and understanding on the event. Personally I still have no solid ground on which I stand, but I have another piece of knowledge gained on the horrific event.
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                                            End of Unit 2 Blog Assignment
30 March 2008 @ 05:52 pm
 wow so gettin back from spring break and trying to get back in the swing of things has been a little harder than expected!  Plus being my bday the week I get back doesnt tend to help with school and work piling up after an awesome, relaxing, much NEEDED vacation and then back to reality!! Im not gonna lie, its beginning to get a little beyond rough but nothing I cant make it through without the lords strength!! So on the note and this delayed personal blog...I am back to the ole grind to trying to get things somewhat situated and organized for, well I would say the rest of the semester but this week alone is gonna be rediculous to make it through!
02 March 2008 @ 09:27 pm
Haha so I  just had time to sit down and finally do that comma assignment that we had that I completely missed out on and forgot to do until now and I think I posted it on the wrong thing.  Figures Id do something like that!  Well this week is gonna be tons of fun! I have to give a big speech in public speaking on Tues and I hate talking in front of people! It drives me nuts!!  Well not so much talking in front of em but just me standing up and everyone else sitting down staring at me does.  Like when im with my friends or small groups and we are all standing or sitting im fine but just me standing and knowing everyone is critiqueing me literally this time.  Everyone has a sheet to do it with and they have to pay attention to absolutely everything that I do from body language to overall presentation.  Sucks!! I did not want to take this class but I had to.  But I chose a pretty cool subject.  Skydiving!  I was supposed to go the past 2 yrs and I had to go outta town for work on both of em it sucked!  And then having to look at the pictures and everything of my friends that went.  But I am going in April so ill make up for it!  Its gonna be amazing!  I have alot of homework and midterm stuff to do and a huge accounting exam next monday but im stressing more about that stupid speech than anything!
27 February 2008 @ 07:49 pm
 Writing a paper journal reminded me when I was in like primary or intermediate school I cant even remember.  When I was younger haha well it only last for like a week or 2 but I remember wanting to start journaling everyday.  I would rearrange my room all the time and so I moved my desk right next to my window and I would write and draw pictures of what the weather was like that day and color them and then write what I was going to do or wanted to do or just whatever was on my mind.  Thats pretty much what I wrote about in my paper journal was what I did on Friday night.  I started to write about what I did the whole weekend b/c it was a pretty fun weekend and I got to see and hang out with some people I havnt hung out with in a long time, but after I kind of got into detail about my rather interesting Friday night, my hand started hurting after a while and I even had to leave out many other things that had occured, I had to shorten it to just my Friday night.  I suppose I can talk or write a little too much.  I think I have been known to wear my heart on my sleeve a little too much but I think lifes too short to keep it barracaded too much!  I just kinda say whatevers on my mind and tend to be very passionate about everything.  I just like to be happy go lucky and enjoy and get excited about everything so I can understand how people can let down their guards and pour out their hearts when writing diaries or blogs.  It can help them express how they feel alot easier than talking to people face to face, so by writing them down allows them to get out what they really feel and want to say.  I dont think personally I could write everything thats on my heart for everyone to see b/c I think I am somewhat of a hopless romantic in a sense haha so I keep most of that to myself and god.  I could also see how people can try to find their meaning and purpose in this life by pouring out their lives to others by blogging to get other peoples feedback.  
It was interesting writing a little bit of what I endured this weekend to better recall and remember everything bc my short term memory isnt the best! But I doubt I will continue to keep one mainly bc I really dont have the time and if I do I would rather be doing something active.
26 February 2008 @ 12:58 pm
So how ready is everyone for spring break!? We just figured out we r gonna go to miami!! And how sick is this..we have 3 nights free at any hotel we want!! My buddy that was in the marines for a couple years recieved a special medal and award and they gave him a free 3 night stay at any hotel in any city in the US he wants and he wants me to go with him to Miami and then we r driving up a couple hours to meet some other friends and surfing for a couple days.  Cant say i can complain about how these delayed spring break plans have turned out!  Hopfully if we get back in time for like the remaining fri sat and sun me and a couple guys r gonna finish it out with a small backpacking trip somewhere in the smokies, we havnt decided which trails we r gonna take yet though.  But i have a small handbook of every trail from 1 day hikes to 4-5 day hikes so we have quite a few to choose from.  We have still yet to pick out a hotel in miami so i hope they still have some open rooms at the nice ones! I have to make up for the past couple years of not going anywhere.  I usually never really go anywhere for spring break, I just go up to my houseboat on norris to fish and wakeboard, well if its warm enough.  I work alot too and thats how i spent all last spring break which is probably what i need to do again this year but alot of my friends are seniors so its like our last year together for spring break so we are going to make it worth our while!! 
14 February 2008 @ 12:33 am

The interview was definitely interesting.  I didnt really ask or say much because things were going so quickly and it was interesting jus to sit back and read everything that was being asked and answered.  I didnt really think anything going into the interview so I stayed pretty open minded.  It was definitely cool not to have to go to class and just talk to someone who is somewhat famous I guess I mean he wrote a book and its in a college class so yea.  I have to comment on the Wal-Mart story, its hilarious and I admit if I worked there some stuff like that would be hilarious to pull if u worked in there and I would have to do some stupid stuff like that.  Joe must have some really interesting friends or encounters with people for all these stories to be true!  It would definitely be an interesting life or I guess I could say very random to experience the things that he does in his everyday life.  And to be honest I really didnt even read some of the stuff that was in the interview because somethings that were asked or answered were going a little too fast and I was really tired and didnt keep up with the whole conversation but I have it saved and plan on reading the rest of it.

10 February 2008 @ 04:02 pm
 I went to the Ice Bears hockey game last night and it was an awesome game! I grew up playing hockey for about 10 yrs til football took over and I didnt have time for anything else which sucked! But I used to go to the Cherokee(old Ice Bears team) games every weekend yrs ago when I was little and have been going ever since.  I love watching everybody yell stupid stuff and acting like idiots and well joining em sometimes haha you cant go to a game and not get into it with the crowd that goes!!  Unless you like the sport or have played its hard to get into but still fun to watch! But what everyone wants to see r the fights and there were some awesome ones last night! Its hard to believe that every game lately has been completely sold out! They havnt been sold out since the Cherokees and that was 10 yrs ago when they were called that which is awesome!  But they had the Miss Ice Bears competition last night which wasnt a bad thing and the coolest thing was one of the girls came and sat with me for the rest of the game after she was done!! And she was def one of the best looking ones!! My buddy's gf that was there with us kinda knew her so she came up and we ended up talking and gettin to know eachother which was interesting.  But the best part of the game was the end! There were just about 1-2 fights the whole game until like the last min and a half.  Before they would even drop the puck at least 2 players had already dropped their sticks and gloves! It was awesome!! There were like 4-5 fights right at the end of the game! Needless the say the Ice Bears won the game with some of the fights so in conclusion another sick hockey experience!  So if any of u have never been to a game over here at the coliseum I urge u to go check it out next time they play if ur looking for anything to do!
04 February 2008 @ 10:03 pm

So WOW!  Who woulda thought that New York was going to pull thru like that last night!?!? haha although sadly I have to say I really didnt even watch much of the game..I had a couple people over and we got a lil rowdy and had an awesome time but we did make it a point to watch most of the commercials which is the best part of the super bowl!! Well tell you the truth I still kinda missed most of those too.  And well I really dont even drink that much but my friends made it a point to bring a couple beers over and found the ole yard of beer glass and things started to get a lil crazy from there. And everything was going great until well I think it was my last blog talking about this girl that I kinda started seeing again im pretty sure is turning out to be a lil 2faced which kinda sucks but at least I know now instead of a while on down the road!! There were just some things said behind my back in front of all my friends at my house in which my friends informed me about and I really dont think they'd lie to me about..I mean what do they have to gain by it..? Nothing and she left without even saying bye to me but ill just leave it at that.  But who cares I didnt let it ruin my night..well kinda im not gonna lie it did kinda hurt but my friends and I still hung out and had a good time as we always do!  By the end of the night we were going deaf by our awful voices and playing some video games until we got too tired and went to bed.  I have some pretty funny pictures ima have to post on facebook if I ever get on there again.  I am just usually going going going and the last thing i wanna do is be inside on the computer unless its for homework such as now.  I also have a test tomorrow I just found out about so I need to get back to studying for that.

30 January 2008 @ 09:54 pm
 So how sweet would it be out in aspen CO right now watching the winter x games!?! The people riding r just sick! I saw this girl the other night hitting up the half pipe snowboarding and pulled a freakin 1080!!! Its unreal!! So I thought id look up some stuff on with them and I found a couple blogs on there at www.lat34.com/snowboard/winterx-11-blog .  I dont know if anyone else likes these kinds of sports or has ever taken an interest but i think its definitely worth it to take a gander at!
28 January 2008 @ 09:02 pm
      I have been sitting here for about an hour and a half and am just going to start typing.  I have started to type like 3 or 4 different blogs but ended up erasing them and starting over so I am just going to write whats on my mind.  I started seeing my ex girlfriend from about 6 or 7 years ago and I am sitting at her house right now trying to study and write my blog but I cannot focus long enough to type it.  I have the worst problem with sitting still and staying focused on homework unless it really catches my attention which is hard for me to find any subjects that do.  Especially since I started talking to this girl that I used to date things have gotten even more fogged.  My feelings have come back even stronger and the people that god is forming us into has been really awesome.  When we dated in high school like 6 or 7 years ago we were really opposites but thru the years we have become alike so much its kind of scary.  We both just got out of long relationships so we do not want to take anything too fast.  She is like everything that I have wanted in a girl from her values, views on life, ambitions and all the way down to her looks.  We just ran into eachother on New Years Eve but have been together almost everyday since then.  Well this is about the extent of my life that I am going to get into with the class and I have got another blog entry so hope everybody had a great weekend and I will see yall tomorrow.